What to prepare, Sapa Travel Guide in the Winter Vietnam

Winter – The coldest time of the year makes many people feel afraid of not “showing their feet” on the road. And the cold became even more severe than ever for the cloudy land of Sapa. The cold to cut flesh sometimes makes people feel frightened.

However, the cold was suddenly no problem when the snow suddenly fell in the middle of the winter. The coldness did not prevent the footsteps of 500 adventurers who were eagerly flocking to visit Sapa as a new trend. Therefore, you guys may need some thoughtful preparation for a long journey, check out our newest article to get a perfect answer!

When does winter in Sapa start? What is the best time to visit Sapa? 

Normally, signs of the cold season start in November and last until April in Northern Vietnam. But the temperature only really falls to the lowest point from December to February of the next year. In the winter, the average temperature is always below 17 degrees Celsius. There are still days, but the temperature is cold, the snow is also falling sometimes. 

Imagine being in the plains with a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius. The real feeling of being on this mountain must be 6 times lower. If you are predestined, you will probably come to the right snowfall and admire it. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to have warm clothes.

But the snow in Sapa is the most attractive feature of this place. At that time, Sapa was in white. The snow covered the roads, the trees, the roof, … As beautiful as the European sky coming out of a fairy tale.

What to prepare to travel Sapa in the winter Vietnam?

1. Money and identification for your Sapa Trips

This of course is a prerequisite to prepare for long trips, especially when you come to remote and isolated mountains like Sapa. Money and full identification always makes us feel safer on the road. You should refer to the information about the places you are going to visit, the resting places, dining, … to be able to budget the trip for the best fit. 
Identification documents help solve problems such as renting a hotel room, renting a motorbike and preventing accidents. Today, there are many places in Sapa that accept the use of payment cards plus the development of ATM system, credit card or ATM is also a very useful and convenient tool.

2. Clothes for best experience in Sapa

The temperature in Sapa is often lower than the plains, so before each trip to Sapa, you must carefully watch the weather, especially in the winter. Sapa is cold in winter, so paying attention to dressing is a very necessary thing.

– Shawl: Shawl is a beauty jewelry that has a special keep warm effect for the body. Besides the shawl also helps you delight unleash unique virtual life set there!
– Socks shoes: If you choose to walk to visit Sapa, sports shoes are an indispensable item. Sapa terrain – if you already know, very steep and hard to walk. So to ensure comfort and warmth for the feet, just pay attention to choose a pair of smooth and warm shoes instead of beautiful and hard shoes!
– Jacket: Sure, with the cold weather, erratic rain and rain, the jacket is essential. You can choose a windbreaker, life jacket, leather jacket or sweater to keep your body warm.
– Warm hats: You will definitely have to prepare a hood covering your head and ears, preferably a hat made from wool or leather as simple as possible, which will work better to keep warm, in addition also more comfortable and easier to wear.
– Gloves: Leather or wool gloves are also an indispensable outfit when going to Sapa in winter. Because without the gloves, surely your hands can’t fit in your pocket!
– Warm clothes: And an extremely important option to answer the question of what to wear when winter sapa? You must choose for yourself the types of clothing that have the key elements:
 + Simple, not too fussy because it is often a long way away
 + Ability to keep warm for the body
 + Wear extra sweaters if you want to wear thin tops

3. Personal medical equipment for the best tours to Sapa

Not just going to Sapa, but everywhere you go, you should also equip yourself with a medical kit. Cold weather can easily make you catch a cold if your resistance is weak. In the process of participation, playing and encountering small unexpected problems can also be overcome.
Things you need to bring include: Wind oil, cold medicine, allergy medicine, digestive enzymes, urgo, masks, … The reason to prepare a mask because when climbing, you should not breathe through your mouth. But after a long, tired journey, many people forget this. So sore throats and flu can existed due to the cold weather. Also pay attention to take a long rest after exercise and then take a shower to avoid catching a cold.

4. Technological things to bring to Sapa

Usually cameras, camcorders, phones, … Also do not forget to bring a backup charger so the phone can always be in touch in an emergency. Not to mention this preparation also helps you not to miss any beautiful scenery in Sapa anymore.

5. Snacks seems to be neccessary food to bring to Sapa

Sapa has many tourism services but not in the villages. Visiting Sapa in the winter is also mainly a walk, so you can be active on an empty stomach by bringing snacks. You can also bring some candy as a gift for upland children. They will absolutely enjoy it.

6. Accommodation in Sapa

According to the Sapa travel experience of young people moving, even in extreme weather. Sapa is still crowded. That’s why you need to book in advance to be proactive in pricing, also don’t worry about lack of accommodation, because all the rooms here you can look elsewhere.

Lodging, hotel, homestay in Sapa are quite many. You can even stay at people’s houses. The price is also quite affordable. So if you don’t choose a 5-star hotel, don’t worry too much about the price!

Wanting to have a best Winter Sapa Travel Trip? What need to prepare? Do you have the best preparation for yourself? So why hesitate any longer, choose for yourself a wonderful Sapa travel season and hit the road with a travel bag now!

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