Top 5 Trekking Routes To Explore In Your Laos Tour Packages

Forget about sandy beaches, adventurers usually find Laos as a land of mountains and rainforests which offers plenty of ideal trekking routes. The landlocked country is home to many unspoiled jungles and remote areas, perfect for adventure enthusiasts to follow the impressive trails on their trekking journey. Head towards these top five trekking trails if you are in pursuit of thrilling and enjoyable experiences in your tours to Laos.

Photo: Trekking in Laos

1. Luang Namtha & Nam Ha National Park – one of the best trekking routes in Laos

Located in the north of Laos, Luang Namtha remains pristine and spectacular, being home to the ethnic minorities of the Black Thai, Khmu, Ahka, Tai Lue and so on. With over 20 hill tribes, this destination provides friendly community and interestingly cultural diversity for memorable treks. 

Luang Namtha is a good base to the nearby Nam Ha National Park. The Protected Area is covered by a mix of deciduous forest with a range of mountains running to the border with China. This is such a lush area that the trek only should be in dry season. Sometimes there is no trail at all, all you could do is following the streams. An on-foot exploration in the area is perfect for either nature discovery or cultural knowledge.

Trekking in Luang Namtha lets you experience the fantastic trails featured with the fairy waterfalls, mountain ranges and fresh rivers. Lots of Laos Tours have been operated in this spot, including the “jungle experience” in which you hike through the pristine trails and sleep in the forest, or experience the homestay at the ethnic houses. The wildlife, natural scenery, and ethnic culture are all outstanding enough to make Luang Namtha Laos’s trekking mecca.

Photo: Trekking in Luang Namtha & Nam Ha National Park

2. Nong Kiaw and the 100 Waterfalls – another popular hiking spot in Northern Laos

Don’t miss the village of Nong Khiaw, another popular trekking spot in Northern Laos which is a three-hour bus ride from Luang Prabang. Nong Kiaow village area is encompassed by magnificent limestone mountains with twisting Nam Ou river views, a super chilled-out, relaxing place to take a break during your hectic Laos Tour Packages. It is a fascinating and quiet little spot, but to truly experience Nong Khiaw, it is best to leave the village behind and head into the countryside. 

If you are interested in hiking and waterfalls, hike to the 100 Waterfalls which is located about 10 kilometers downriver from Nong Khiaw. Involving a series of cascading falls, the 100 Waterfalls hike trail has been used by locals for decades as a direct route between the dispersed villages of the Nam Ou Valley. The hike contains various levels of intertwining waterfalls where you are engaged in challenging trekking spot and water ground. It might not be exact 100 waterfalls, but it is the thrilling trail that urges the pro trekkers to uncover the grappling ropes, the splashy streams and the climbing rocks.   

For a more remote experience, make your way upriver to Muang Ngoi, or take a multi-day trek to nearby Tai, Hmong and Khmu villages. You can also hike up to the Nong Khiaw viewpoint for spectacular views across the valley and the town below.

Photo: Trekking in Nong Kiaw and 100 waterfalls

3. Attapeu – the trekking route in Southeastern Laos

In the southeastern tip of Laos, one of the rare trekking trails you can find is Attapeu. The place provides surprisingly good trails for trekking, at the same time treats thrill-seekers the untamed nature and unique culture scenes. If you hold a big passion for both nature and ethnic culture, do not skip the mountain trekking in Attapeu in the Laos Tour Package.

The outstanding sites to see along the trails in Attapeu include dense jungle, two captivating Tad Phok and Tad Phaphong Waterfalls, Xe Pian National Protected Area, Ban Mai Village and other ethnic communities. Take your time cherishing the unspoiled nature of the jungle and the long-preserved tradition of the ethnic communities. It is a bustle-free world that you want to shelter and discover for days. If you seek homestay, just lay your head at the friendly Ban Mai Village situated on the corner of the critical National Protected Area.

Attapeu’s off-the-beaten-track trails, rugged mountains and welcoming villagers can please any trekker with adventurous spirit and wanderlust passion. 

Photo: Trekking in Attapeu and 100 waterfalls

4. Bokeo Nature Reserve – The trekking route in Northwest Laos

Established in 2004 in northwest Laos, Bokeo Nature Reserve preserves 123,000 hectares of primary rainforest which is home to rare biodiversity of animals such as tigers, bears, elephants, chimpanzees along with a wide range of birds and insect lives. The Nature Reserve, located nearby Huay Sai Town, is well-known for the interesting Gibbon Experience as well as the authentic trekking trails amidst the green and dense forests. Note that trekking in Bokeo is not easy as you will be challenged by bumpy roads and basic living conditions.

The deeper you trek, the harder the trails will be. However, the appealing forest spectacle is worth your efforts. If you are lucky, it is great to meet the endangered black-crested gibbons along the trails. Make sure to have the good level of fitness to overcome the jungle’s challenges.

Immersing yourself in the nature of wildlife, you will find the site marvelous with authentic trekking routes, monkey bridges and zip-lining experience. Your trekking journey at Bokeo Nature Reserve will be incomplete if you do not spend an overnight stay in the stunning Gibbon Experience, a unique tree house providing a fabulous perspective on the jungle. Grab the chance to fly through the forest canopies and wake up surrounded by gibbons on the world’s highest tree houses!

Photo: Zipline in Bokeo Nature Reserve

5. Phongsali – The trekking route in Northern Laos

Just across the border from China, Phongsali region is the most remote and therefore for the real adventurous destination for wilderness treks. The charming and high-altitude town offers mystical waterfalls, hidden caves, jungle trails, rugged mountains and local hill-tribe villages.

Thanks to the impressive topography, trekking routes in Phongsali have been tested and appreciated by the majority of worldwide trekkers. Similar to the above routes, it is also a great combination between physical trip and cultural learning. Many people have visited the Khmu, Hmong and other minorities groups and got inspired by their stories. You should spend few days staying in local homes to learn about their unique culture.

With sparse tourists, countless trails and nearby Nam Ou River, all under the imposing Phou Fa Mountain, Phongsali is a playground for outdoor adventure types. A remote outpost, it is also a classic case of good things coming to those who travel – while not an easy place to reach, you will reap the rewards once you arrive. Being at such heady heights means it can be quite cold, and potentially a bit misty; remember to pack warm clothes if you would like to add Phongsali to your Laos Tour Package.

Photo: Trekking in Phongsali, Laos

Experience the intact nature and ethnic diversity of Laos, you know that you have found the correct destination to trek. Staying valuable with the impressive trekking trails, this country is truly an ideal destination for peace seekers to get away from modernized cities. Bring your boots and a spirit of adventure to experience the charm of Laos with S Travel!

It’s not all about an authentic Asia country like Laos. There are some less-touristy attractions/activities in Laos but being highly recommended by the locals which will undoubtedly amaze you.

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