For The Anatomy of a Great Things To Do In Hoi An, Vietnam!

This place is known to be the most loved destination in Vietnam, which is home to charming lantern streets. Hoi An is a must-visit place during your Viet Nam as it is one of the prettiest cities in Vietnam and has a wide collection of over 800 historic buildings. 

After reading till the end, you will find some amazing tailored places that you can visit to make the tour more memorable. 

What should you do in Hoi An, Vietnam?

1. Get that little sunshine on the Hoi An beaches 

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It is not just an ancient town as its prime location is by the coast, which means you have plenty of beaches to hop on. Nothing is stopping you from putting your head in the sand. The Cua Dai, Mui Ne, and An Bang beaches are considered the best beaches near Hoi An.

2. Cook some traditional Vietnamese dishes in Hoi An

If you are on a long tour package for Vietnam, attend a cooking school with lively classes. This allows you to learn from charming chefs. Make the right choice of dish you want to have and get a recipe book later.

3. Get a customized suit or dress in Hoian

Vietnam has endless tailor shops that make it difficult to choose. Go for the ones that provide good quality clothes at affordable rates. Some famous ones are BeBe, Bao Khan Silk, and Yaly Couture. Hoi An has been central to Southeast Asia for the textile trade for ages. Get any item or accessory of clothing as per your style. 

4. Take a stroll on old streets 

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You get a chance to admire the Asian and French-style homes. The perfect blend of shutters, houses, and colour. Hoi An is a rare place in Vietnam that has escaped from the hazards during the Vietnam War. This means you get to view some beautiful architecture and perfect places to eat and walk at night. 

5. Buy some local handicrafts

The place is a hug for local products that you will buy from the main central market. Want to get the perfect touch of handicraft, you can go to the outskirts of the town to learn about the historical and cultural background. 

6. Take Day Trips to some amazing destinations 

Da Nang: This is approximately a 30 Km drive alongside the coastal road. It is perfect for people that are beach lovers and shopaholics. 

Hue: The place is clustered around the Song Huong is a combination of new and old. There are fortress walls that complement the sleek and modern building perfectly. The Imperial Citadel is a common site to visit. 

My Son: It is a 4th Century temple complex, the longest inhabited archaeology site in Indochina. The place is dedicated to Hindu divinities which represent their mythology and symbolism. 

Marble Mountains: The mixture of marble and limestone have built five hills that represent metal, earth, wood, water, and fire. There might be many stairs, but the scenic beauty of the Son Tra Peninsula and Non-Nuoc Beach. 

Cham Island: It is a protected marine park with a huge variety of macro life and corals. While booking your Vietnam holiday packages, get this destination added. Diving and Snorkelling tours are some popular activities here. 

7. Hop on to the Japanese Bridge

This is situated in the centre of the city. It is spread over some 12 meters and is famous for its ornate cravings, the shape of dogs and monkeys. Generally, Vietnamese couples come here to click pictures. It is decorated in Vietnamese and Chinese architectural styles to represent Japanese history. 

8. Get in line for the night market

The land of An Hoi from the central Hoi An is the home to the most beautiful markets in Vietnam. The place sells all shapes, colours, and sizes of lanterns made from Hoi An silk. You get to see the perfect site where thousands of lanterns are lit up in the dark. The place also offers clothes, pieces of jewellery, trinkets, and other accessories. 

9. Day and Night at River 

Hoi An’s epicentre is the river that provides the best experience at night when there are boats with brightly coloured lanterns and lit candles. Many vendors will be seen arguing over customers. You can reach the main bridge over Thu Bon Rivet to watch the perfect sunset reflections. 

10.Coffee Places 

Vietnam is also famous for its coffee as you might find a great number of coffee shops in the old town of Hoi An. Some  famous coffee shops are Hoi An Roastery, May Concept, Reaching Out Tea House, and Mia Coffee. 

11.Basket Boat and Cycle Ride

It is a traditional Vietnamese bamboo basket boat that is quite fun. Many Vietnam tour packages offer the rides in their package with a bike ride or cooking classes. Watching the local fishers work and admire the beautiful mangrove forests. 

Several tours include cycling and riding through the rice paddy fields to meet locals. Many hotels offer free bike rides to experience local fishing ports out of town. 

12. Fish Market Tour 

This is something that requires waking up early morning to visit a lively local fish market. You will see local vendors and a variety of aquatic fishes that the people in Vietnam eat. 

The Last Thing!

Have a Banh My when in Vietnam. Once on your Vietnam tours, visit the Banh My Phuong, the best place in town for crispy baguettes filled with veggies, eggs, herbs, and any meat. Hoping we have made your tour more enjoyable and memorable with this curated list of some amazing things to do in Hoi An. To explore the hidden gems of Vietnam you must get connected to a  travel agency Vietnam as they are familiar with every place and provide you destinations as per your expectations. 

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