“Fire-breathing” Dragon Bridge in Vietnam – Da Nang Travel Tips

The Dragon Bridge in Vietnam is a symbol of Da Nang having won a special lighting project awarded by the US. The bridge symbolizes the prosperity of Asia, as CNN praised. However, few people know about the history of the Da Nang Dragon Bridge. So, Threeland will show you the history of this bridge as well as a few interesting facts you may not have known.

1.    Highlights of Dragon Bridge in Vietnam.

Address: Nguyen Van Linh Street, Phuoc Ninh, Da Nang
Da Nang is one of Vietnam’s most important port cities. Da Nang is located in the country’s south-central area at the mouth of the Han River. Here is also a major economic and educational center as well as a vital transportation hub.

Dragon bridge in Vietnam

Dragon Bridge in Vietnam is the symbol of Danang attractions.

The Dragon Bridge was designed in the shape of a dragon and to breathe fire and water. The bridge crosses the Han River in Da Nang, Vietnam. The Dragon Bridge is 666m long, 37.5m wide, and contains six traffic lanes. It opened to the public on March 29, 2013, the 38th anniversary of the liberation of Da Nang City. Ammann & Whitney Consulting Engineers in the United States collaborated with Louis Berger Group, an international professional full-service organization that offers engineering, architectural, environmental, and construction programs, to design the bridge.

2.    When is Dragon Bridge in Vietnam the most beautiful?

If you want to see the most beautiful Dragon Bridge, you should come here at night. Evening at Dragon Bridge like a sparkling jewel with many colors. It combines with other bridges to create a shimmering and fanciful Da Nang city at night.

 Dragon Bridge in Danang at night

Dragon Bridge in Vietnam is stunning at night

When it gets dark, the bridge is brightened by 2500 smart LED lights that change colors constantly. Drivers are not allowed to cross the Dragon Bridge around 9 p.m on weekends and during festivals. The reason for this is having  Fire and Water Performance in 15 minutes.

Dragon Bridge Fire show

The Dragon Bridge Fire show in Danang

Time: 9 pm Saturday or Sunday or during festivals and special days.
Contents: 18 flames, 3 water
Fire is sprayed first with 2 turns, each turn will have 9 times.
Water is sprayed 3 times, each turn will mix with the melody of the music.

The show will begin at the Dragon Head. Remember don’t come too close because you’ll get wet or very heated.

3.    The best places to enjoy the performance of Dragon Bridge in Vietnam

To truly appreciate the beauty of Dragon Bridge in Vietnam when it is spraying fire and water, you should not only come on time but also choose the most favorable place for yourself. Here are some spots that are thought to be ideal for watching the show.

On the bridge: You can go up to the bridge to admire the beauty because traffic is temporarily banned from crossing the bridge. However, you should stand far away from the head of the Dragon Bridge because it is easy to get wet when spraying water.

Under the bridge (Tran Hung Dao Street): Tran Hung Dao Street runs below the Dragon Bridge, directly beneath the dragon’s head. As a reason, it is the greatest place to see the performance. Furthermore, there are several sidewalk vendors along the street where you may have a drink.

View from a rooftop cafe to Dragon Bridge

The view of Tran Hung Dao street to Dragon Bridge

Rooftop Cafe: Many buildings around the bridge, as well as rooftop cafés, will provide a great view from above that you should attempt.

The view from a rooftop cafe to Dragon Bridge in Vietnam

4.    What to Do Near Dragon Bridge?

Go sightseeing:
Love bridge is located between Dragon Bridge and Han River Bridge, facing the middle of the river. So standing from here, you can see the surroundings and the other side of the city center.

Love Bridge in Danang

The poetic beauty of Love bridge

Love bridge is a lovely site and a perfect draw the same as Dragon Bridge in Vietnam. A fantastic spot for a nighttime stroll and sightseeing, especially for couples, this is a perfect opportunity to visit the wharf and leave love padlocks on the beautiful bridge.

In addition to a must-visit place, the Danang Museum of Cham Sculpture is about 6 minutes drive from Dragon Bridge. It has the world’s biggest collection of Cham antiquities.

Sculptures in Danang Museum

All the sculptures are displayed in 10 showrooms named after the localities where the pieces have been discovered

Take part in some games in Danang in Vietnam tours:

Sun World Danang Wonders is an amusement park that is open to anybody who enjoys active activities and is appropriate for a variety of guests, including children, youth, and adults.
Participate in a food tour at Danang Night Market.

This experience will round up your visit to this lovely city. They sell traditional dishes such as fresh fish, sliced pork rolled in rice paper, Quang noodles, and pancakes from food booths. Each meal is reasonably priced.

The Dragon Bridge in Vietnam, with the greatest distinctive architecture in Vietnam, is a delightful experience for all visitors. We hope you will spend your time enjoying the incredible beauty of this one-of-a-kind bridge during your visit to Danang.
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