5+ Points Why Vietnam is the best For visitors

Vietnam might be on your wish list to visit and explore all the hidden spaces and monuments. Are you planning your holiday to Vietnam? 

It is important to discover some amazing destinations by making your itinerary beforehand. Stunning bays, colorful markets, sizzling nightlife, karst topography, and thrilling caves are some of the fascinating elements to make this destination paradise. 

Before you get more confused with the places, let us make it easier for UK people or those traveling from abroad with some useful tips. 

What makes Vietnam best for tourists? 

Drive on the country roads by a motorbike 

You will be getting many opportunities to hire motorcycles in Vietnam as it is considered the best way to look at the country’s beauty. Go flitting from one place to another, winding around the mountain roads, and taking breaks on empty beaches. 

motorbike tour in Vietnam

Join the nightlife of Bia Hoi Corner 

In the daytime, the narrow streets of Old Hanoi are filled with market vendors. But the downfall is that it is filled with bars near the Cau Chuong Duong Bridge. Things are lively, so grab a bite from the restaurants before joining the hordes of locals and tourists clustered around the sidewalk tables. 

Ta Hien beer street Vietnam

Try Flyboard in Nha Trang 

Picture soaring on jet boots, powered by the high-pressure water pumped out of a giant hose. The jets are powerful enough to hover up to 20ft into the air or through the waves. You might also see experience people perform acrobatic stunts. The Fly Board Trang will offer the sport on the glassy sea of the main resort beach. There might be jet ski and snorkeling trips near the coral islands of Vietnam. 

Flyboard in Nha Trang 

Climb the tallest mountain in Indochina 

You might have seen people with pictures of terraced paddies and understand the beauty of Muong Hoa Valley. The Fanispan Mountain looms in the Sapa is a small city gaining tourist attention. This tallest mountain is situated at 10,312 feet and can be challenging to reach the top. Most travel agency Vietnam advices to take hikes toward the summit takes several days as it ascends towards the clouds from thick forests and amazing natural beauty. 

Climb to fansipan mountain

Light a lantern in the Hoi An city 

On every Vietnamese New Year, the place is transformed into a kaleidoscope of color and lights in this festival. The celebration is done for seven days, and all the roads of Hoai River Square are full of colorful lanterns. The lanterns have traditional designs and bright colors.

light a lantern in Hoi An

The heart of this festivity is situated in the old town between the Cau An Hoi Bridge and the Japanese Covered Bridge. The place is chaotic, festive, and crowded with singing and food stalls. It would be best if you enjoyed the breathtaking sights of lanterns floating on the river and you could get a boat to have a closer look. 

light lantern in Hoi An

Get inside the largest cave in Phong Nha National Park 

In the Quang Binh province, this wild region is barely a penetrable jungle close to Laos’s borders. The area is filled with deep caves where some can even fit a skyscraper. This small town of Phong Nha has been the epicenter for the caving adventures, which are worth exploring. 

largest cave in Phong Nha

You can hire guides and get some gear to explore the insides of the caves. If you do not want to go underground, the area is also famous for trekking. The jungle has some stunning waterfalls, flying foxes, and monkeys. 

The marvelous Ban Gioc Waterfall 

This is where two waterfalls collide along the Quay Son River in the most iconic way, marking the border of Vietnam and China. It is 208m wide and 70m tall and falls down the rocky and limestone face. 

Ban Gioc waterfall

If you get the right opportunity, add this place to your tour package for Vietnam. It lets you trek to the highest points with the appropriate walking gear. There are many more things to do in the Cao Bang region, which is situated at the top of the northeast of the country. There are local homestays, majestic waterfalls, and caves to explore. 

Perform canyoning in Da Lat

In the steep gorges cut by plunging waterfalls, rushing rivers, and dense jungle, this place is a lush forest-clad mountain in southeast Vietnam. The Canyoning tours promise the immersion of sports from easy to moderate per your taste. 

Canyoning in Da Lat

You might want to do water abseiling, slide down the rocks, swim in the rivers, and zip-line through the icy pools. Make sure to carry rough clothes and tough shoes as you might be drenched in water.  

Grab a bite of Vietnamese Street Food 

It is famous in South East Asia and distinct from oriental cuisines. Their food is filled with herbs like spearmint, betel leaf, coriander, basil, and more. The French influence can be seen in the pastries and baguettes. 

Vietnamese street food

The must-try street food in Vietnam is Banh Mi, Banh Bao Banh Vac, Dalat Pizza, and Nem Ran. You can always binge on small roadside restaurants and mobile stalls to taste amazing delicacies on the streets. 

Have a coffee from Buon Ma Thuot 

This is the central highlands’ regional capital, which has thundering waterfalls and traditional villages. You might view the stilted structures which are reached through ladders. It is the heart of the thriving coffee industry in Vietnam. A Trung Nguyen coffee company is highly popular and known to be the best supplier in the area. 

Trung nguyen coffee

While having the best tour in Vietnam, you get to learn about the coffee industries and various venues that offer a freebie to celebrate the local produce during their festival. You must try the Vietnamese egg coffee in Hanoi, which is unique and might give you a caffeine boost. 

The Final Backpack!

 Once you have planned the right itinerary for your holidays in Vietnam, it ensures that you have successfully made half of your journey. We have just completed the best suggestions to ensure you don’t miss out on something beautiful, unique, and mesmerizing during your visits.

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